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wethekeegsta asked: (2/2) and for those five minutes and we bonded really well. I see her every single day so I was pretty excited to have a new friend. She asked me if I was taking the bus, to which I replied that no I would not. So she said, "Alright! Well nice meeting you! I'll see you in Calc tomorrow!" And of course because of this god damn stupid show - I kid you not - simultaneously turned around and exclaimed exactly like Shay, "BYYYEEEEEEEE!". I couldn't even turn around to salvage myself. F my life

this is the funniest story ive read in awhile

wethekeegsta asked: (1/2) There's this girl in my Calc class I've never talked to before and I've been in her class for three semesters here at my university. We happened to be walking out the door from our class one day at the same time and I introduced myself. We got to talking and I ended up walking with her for about five minutes before she got to her bus stop. She was really nice and sweet and I was glad that I had introduced myself because she could hold a conversation and we had similar interests


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thank you!!!

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